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Brad Pitt recently responded to the allegation Angelina Jolie made that he choked one of their children. As part of an ongoing legal battle over a french winery they owned once , Angelina filed a cross-complaint containing new allegations of physical abuse.

In the court filings, Angelina's lawyers claimed the alleged altercation occurred onboard a private jet in 2016, where Jolie, 47, previously claimed the pair had a fight that led to their divorce.

The filings allege that Pitt “choked one of the children and struck another in the face” and “grabbed Angelina by the head and shook her.” Pitt, 58, is also accused of “pouring beer on Angelina and “beer and red wine on the children”.

In a new statement Pitt’s representatives have refuted these claims, calling them “completely untrue”.

The documents also state that Jolie told FBI officials that Pitt “grabbed her by her head”, “shook her:, “pushed her into the bathroom wall”, and repeatedly punched the ceiling of the plane.

The records obtained by Rolling Stone and other outlets say the outburst occurred 90 minutes into the flight between France and Los Angeles on 14 September 2016. In her statement, Jolie alleged that Pitt’s actions frightened their six children, who ranged from eight to 15 at the time.

The Maleficent star also claimed that Pitt consumed multiple alcoholic beverages during the flight. When the plane landed, she said it had sustained $25,000 (£22,000) worth of damage from spilt red wine.

No charges were filed following an investigation into the incident “due to several factors”, Rolling Stone reported.

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