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Breakfast;Love, an Illusion,farce,myth or reality

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

The first time you hear this line “Na everybody go chop breakfast “ from the track of Nigerian Grammy award winning artiste Burna Boy’s “Last Last” a non-Nigerian’s mind would go to the literal meaning of breakfast (the morning meal) but nah, don’t be misled, a Nigerian sure knows “Gbogbo wa la maje Breakfast “ in other words breakfast will reach everybody;that’s how enough it is to go round lol 

One of the many meanings of breakfast in Nigeria is the coming to an end of a perfect love story,the fairytale kinds(the one that usually exists in the movies), the kind that you invested so much in and did every manner of the right things but the love story still ended especially in a tragic way. The breakup was cooked so hot and was served in a tremendous way on a platter just like the way it is on the header image; usually in varieties.

A number of people claim to have never experienced this feeling called love which could have a possibility level at almost zero because the word love is everywhere especially the most common one Gen Z’s like to throw around “self love” the simple act of appreciating yourself just the way you are!. On the other hand, because of the series of properly seasoned and hot breakfasts, there are others that have become so indifferent to it tagging it as non existent, an Illusion or a myth. Hopefully y’all don’t mind us having this conversation!

So before we talk deeply about this thing called love, I see a need to firstly establish that love exists and it does in a real form. 

What is love? Like love love? lol without the dictionary meaning?

Olive, what is love to you?

To me, love is the total complete feeling of being immersed in affection for another person, love to me isn’t necessarily the butterflies in my stomach, it is the little giggles here and there when I remember a tiny detail of the person or a line from a conversation we’ve had, it is the way I feel uneasy not hearing from the person, it’s the way I make mental and physical notes of what the person is about; likes,dislikes,favorites etc, the way I study the person’s love languages and treat them accordingly, the way I want to talk about my day to the person,the way I want to express every joy, anger, or any kind of emotion to that person , it’s the way I always want them to be better, it’s being kind to them, It’s choosing them over and over again, the list is endless but I’ll wrap it up here by saying;  Love itself is everything because contrary to what people think, it’s a living thing( I really don’t know if it’s a male or female yet lol) and yes! I said what I said because it’s only a living thing that has the capacity to heal, nurture, build, shield, protect, provide, secure and  love does all these and more so there you have it!

An illusion is basically a false idea of belief especially in a misleading or deceptive manner. Yes love actually can be misleading and deceptive but it still exists so that makes it real!

A farce is just a poor imitation of something that is a wannabe. Is love a wannabe? No I don’t think so! So that makes it real.

A myth is more like a traditional story which is usually unfounded(could also make it up to be an illusion) so critically looking at it, is love unfounded? Is it just a story or is it real?

A reality is something that actually exists! And if I’m honestly asked, I’ll say love is a reality!.

Why Do I say Love is a Reality?

Ever wondered why no matter how anxious,scared,upset you feel something, listening to a certain kind of music or reading certain kind of books just makes you feel so much better? Why is that? Could it be that you love the artiste,the genre of music,the author or the genre of literature ? Absolutely,yes! So if perhaps you feel you haven’t felt love in the context of extending it to another human being then you have to rethink because now you know, consciously or unconsciously,you’ve been in love before! And it could also be with a soccer team,sport,pet,activity, etc.

Let’s now bring the reality of love to its expression and extension to fellow human beings. In most cases, the reason people deny the reality of love is based on past experiences,or being served a couple of breakfasts and bounced back like the African Giant with the help of Igbo and shayooo or any other coping mechanism thereafter vowing to ourselves never to believe in the mystery called love.

Yes love is a mystery. Because tell me how you meet someone; I mean a complete stranger, you get talking(the talking stage), you vibe, then all of a sudden you notice there’s this unspoken power this used to be stranger now has over you! For instance,you find yourself getting cranky if the person hasn’t texted or called in a day, you find yourself waiting up just to say goodnight, getting them their favorite lunch, placing an order for ps5 just to see that smile on their faces! You just have this feeling of everything dormant in you coming alive. A