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For Mental Health Awareness Week, "GTK" is an uplifting record that inspires its listeners to get to know themselves, through Gigi Atlantis' reflection, revelation, and resolution.

This is Gigi Atlantis
Gigi Atlantis GTK shoot.

Coming on three years since we last heard the uniquely soulful vocals of the sui generis British-Nigerian singer, Gigi Atlantis makes a return to music with “GTK”, a smooth single that shines with its feature of a poetic rap verse from Tau Benah. After the acclaim she gained for her feature on Odunsi (The Engine)’s “body count”, “GTK” is a reintroduction to Gigi Atlantis as she wants to be known.

“GTK” boasts a sharp message about finding peace and happiness in oneself – especially poignant and timely as we honor mental health awareness week. Through soft sonics, courtesy of NATIVESOUNDSYSTEM DJ and Producer, Sholz. Gigi Atlantis runs from a soprano hook instructing listeners to find themselves before diving into a deep sung-rap verse where she seamlessly intertwines between melodies and flows. Paired, in a typical R&B fashion, with a spoken word verse from close collaborator, Tau Benah, “GTK” is an appealing realization of the artists’ aim to create music that is inspiring and uplifting to the soul. Filling listeners with positive energy, Gigi’s music is intended to motivate you to perk up and see the brightness in yourself and the world, through the brightness in her music.

Gigi Atlantis and Tau Benah for GTK shoot
Gigi Atlantis and Tau Benah.

The 2020s have been a quiet reflection period for Gigi Atlantis, who has spent the time maturing as an artist and coming into her own whilst exploring new sounds. “GTK” is our first insight into the new world of Gigi Atlantis. An R&B Soul record underpinned by meditations of melody, “GTK” is inspired by Gigi Atlantis and her day-to-day surroundings – movies, nature, friends, and music. The tranquil record reflects Atlantis’ journey of self-discovery, peeling back the self that has been perpetuated to the world to find who one is at heart.

Cover Art for GTK