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Little Miss Gen Z

Recently, there has been this fury against the Generation Z usually by the Generation X and the Millennials. It’s always from one Twitter trend to another dragging us by our dreads, alté personalities and ashewo gowns when all we want to do is just to chop life and tell Buhari that he messed with the wrong generation. They’ve talked about us being bougie,classy and literally giving no care in the world when rejecting whatever isn’t for us talmabout “it’s giving slavery”,”it’s giving shackles “,”it’s giving poverty “ and every other negative vibe. My active social media users can remember when they even talked about our behaviors in toxic workplaces,families,events etc and the trend,memes made me rotfl for dayssss because apart from this teasing the millennials and Gen Xers gave us, what was sending me was the fact that deep down I know they want to be us lol(abeg o no offense to the millennials, I’m really just cruising here!).

Gone are the days when youths will carry plastic files under their arms trekking under the scorching sun moving from street to street,knocking on the gates of almost every company/firm,calling the numbers attached to every vacancies published looking for jobs that will pay meager salaries or worse still peanuts. Now, the tech space,crypto currency,forex trading and a whole lot more fields are taking over and trust the Gen Z to learn as many skills as possible(data analysis,web development etc) to make more than enough not just to put food on their tables, to be able to go to Cubana almost every Friday night and order countless bottles of champagne, of course one or two bottles of Azul but most importantly not to be sent to buy mama put by Aunty Bisi from accounting lol.

Some of you may have been wondering what I mean when I’ve been saying Gen Z, millennials etc. Permit me to give you guys a brief explanation on that as a professor of age that I am; Gen Z are people born between the years of 1997-2012 while Millennials are those born between the years 1981-1996 and Gen Xers are those born between the years of 1965-1980. We’re going to be talking about the different versions of Little Miss Gen Z. Little Miss Gen Z is a young woman currently between the ages of 10-25. I truly hope you enjoy this piece and most importantly relate to it. So grab a glass of juice while you’re at it.

There’s Little Miss Gen Z in high school that just wants to be a cheerleader; dance,entertain and win prom Queen. Then there’s little Miss Gen Z that wants to play basketball, soccer for the fun of it or for scholarship sake. Proceeding to College/university, there’s little Miss Gen Z that’s always punctual for lectures, presentations early to submit term papers and gets involved in school extra curricular activities like politics,social activities etc then there’s little Miss Gen Z that doesn’t really give a hoot about academics and thinks that school is a scam but wants her certificate anyway lol.

There’s little Miss Gen Z that goes for a work interview and when she’s asked why she thinks she’s the most qualified for the job she goes “my problem is I too sabi” and she’s totally right because asides her, B.A or B.Eng, she has a lot of other certifications that gives her an edge above all other millennials applying for the same position (please I’m really not attacking y’all millennials).

Then you have another Little Miss Gen Z that just wants to be either an Instagram influencer or a TikTok influencer so that she can be spending her most of her time in front ring lights and cameras creating content for the gram and usually getting paid for it because in this century, marketing has undergone a whole new level of upgrade.

You also have another little Miss Gen Z that spends all her savings on skincare products (she literally doesn’t mind breaking her piggy vest) as long as she’s got the skin like milk,glossy skin and skin for daysss. She’ll literally not step out without sunscreen to avoid being roasted by the sun.

Then there’s a little Miss Gen Z that wants to attend all the shows happening in everywhere and cannot just sit at home whilst watching her 20s roll by with nothing to show for it from artiste tours to club appearances,the mainland block party,bole festival,pool parties,summer slumber parties,December shows, Christmas Eve parties,New year’s eve fireworks parties which goes on and on all year round.

Then there’s also little Miss Gen Z that saves all her money and spends it on trips around the world( that’s where you’ll fine me lol), she just wants to travel, explore, have a fun filled adventurous life, taste new cuisines, meet new people, try to learn new languages, culture and just feel free in another country.

Then there’s also me, another Gen Z that wants to be independent and spoiled lol yeah you heard that right, a drop dead gorgeous top tier babe that just simply wants to be paid, spoiled with Birkins, Prada,LV, off white and the expensive stuff,wants to go on shopping sprees in various countries,booked for all expenses paid trips, just for being who she is.. I mean is that so hard? *inserts puppy face*

Then there’s little Miss Gen Z that’s career or business oriented and driven. All she thinks about is climbing the career ladder, building a business empire and literally has time for nothing else. Just focus, red wine, note pad to scribble down ideas, pop corn and occasional pizza.

There’s little Miss Gen Z that just wants to have brunch/lunch/dinner dates with the girls,get her nails done,go on spa dates with the girls to look chic for herself,she just wants to go clubbing with the girls dressed in the latest ashewo gowns of the szn(being the biggest purrrr),really nice heels and makeup on fleek,just want to go on girls trips so that she can shake her ass on a yacht with her fellow “yass queens” and keep herself glued to the girls group chat because that’s where the tea is always spilled! Yeah you heard me right! I’m the girls group chat (Please forgive me for spilling this secret of ours).

There’s little Miss Gen Z that loves movie dates but doesn’t want to leave the house so is always glued to Netflix almost all day watching mostly documentaries on murder lol(the all time favorite),crime,horror and or romance(can we just quit being the hard girl for once and admit that oftentimes more than we’ll like to admit,we crave some extremely good tender loving care?).

There’s little Miss Gen Z that doesn’t wants a man or woman but at the same time doesn’t(a relationship but without strings attached);she prefers situationships and entanglements talmabout she’s not ready to let it all out there and cannot trusting anybody in that manner such that she develops coconut head to such feelings. On the other hand, soft hearted Little Miss Gen Z just wants to love and be loved back no matter how much shege she has seen in the hands of men or women.

There’s little Miss Gen Z that doesn’t been liked asked what she brings to the table because she is the whole damn table! Yes I said what I said and then there’s little Miss Gen Z who has little or nothing to offer in a friendship or relationship.

There’s little Miss Gen Z who is a feminist; a very active supporter of the equality of women’s rights,opportunities etc and strong believer that it is likewise a woman’s world as it is a man’s and is ready to go toe to toe with whoever that does not agree with that especially the ones that are so committed to patriarchy.

There’s little Miss Gen Z that just wants to focus on the heavenly race and is all about religion; read the Holy Bible or Qur’an, fast and pray as many times as possible.Then there’s little Miss Gen Z who is a traditional worshipper;a priestess of Ifa,Sango,Amadioha etc. There’s little Miss Gen Z who is a Buddhist,Eckist. There’s little Miss Gen Z who is an atheist and there’s little Miss Gen Z who is agnostic.

There’s cry baby little Miss Gen Z that cries at the slightest things and there’s warrior princess little Miss Gen Z that can switch up on you if you do not behave without remorse.

There is little Gen Z that does whatever she’s told without having a mind of her own, there’s little Gen Z that lays a blueprint for her life,follows the intensity of her passion and allows it to fuel and drive her actions and life.

I could keep on listing the different versions little Miss Gen Z falls under but I’ll just like to drop the mic by saying that Little Miss Gen Z remains the most self aware, coordinated, sweet, fierce, people oriented,well organized young woman on the block. She’s a young woman that knows her worth, has learnt from the mistakes of the previous generations and is doing all it takes to be better.

Which little Miss Gen Z are you? If you feel like there’s more to this version of yourself,the best you can do, little Miss Gen Z is to accept you for who you are(by knowing your strengths and strengthening them and knowing your flaws and working on them) to become a better version of yourself. And perhaps if I didn’t mention yours,please help me do that in the comment section.

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