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‘Meet GenZCheerleader. The Bedroom Pop Rising Superstar with an Anthem for Gen Z’

She is on a mission to re-invent the future of life for generation beta and the next generation of talent. Building and investing in the creator economy.

Esther Akpovi also known as GenZCheerleader (Z) was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Her ancestral heritage is from Warri in Delta state. Agbarho, one of the kingdoms that make up the Urhobo tribe. She is British-Nigerian and spent most of her childhood in Nottingham, UK.

The singer-songwriter is an independent artist whose energising music infuses smooth afro pop vocals and the rap harmonises into contemporary world edm rhythms - creating a unique brand of conscious music that defines a Gen Z sound.

Her first introduction to music was through her older brothers, who had a boy band called ‘ Soulzsquad ‘. Their parents encouraged them to learn musical instruments, explore poetry, dance, sports and creativity whilst instilling the importance of education. Her brother JERUB is also an artist.

GenZcheeleader’s Debut song ‘Z Gang’, is her continuation to spread love amongst Gen Zers from Africa, her motherland to Europe and to the rest of the world. She encourages us to embrace our mixed identities, build communities, collaborate and unite to shape the future we want.

This is what she says about Z Gang:

“Where is home to you?

I've lived in multiple places and really had wanderlust. Is home

Where is your family from? Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

For me, home is where the heart is and I've struggled with a sense of belonging for a while due to my multiple cultural identities.

My ancestral heritage is from Delta state, I was born in Lagos and I grew up in Nottingham. Being British-Nigerian has formed a hybrid culture and perception of where ‘ home ‘ is to me. It’s all of them, they all form part of my overall identity and are all my home.

Zgang! to me is an anthem for Gen Z. Who relate to having multiple personalities, passions, interests and identities. They are all YOU. embrace every single part of YOU and don't box yourself based on societal rules and norms.

Zgang was birthed out of a global crisis created in my bedroom. After hearing the possibilities of going to war, I thought about my Generation. ‘ Gen Z through your ‘Z’ up if you know your gang. ‘ Through this song, I display my dierent geo-identities that have shaped who I am today and hope other young people learn more about their ancestral heritage. So we can collectively push youth culture and cross-collaborate ”

The 22-year-old is on course to spearhead next-gen afro introspective pop, refining her sound infused with elements from mumble rap, bedroom pop, edm, nigerian alté and amapiano. She cites the likes of Gen Z Icons - Royal & the Serpent, Billie Eilish, Jaden, Pink Pantheress, Sigag Lauren, Odunsi & JELEEL! as important influences. The Miss

Nigeria UK 2020 Finalist was featured in ‘ The Best Street Style ‘ at our homecoming on Teen Vogue. Her style is a blend of preppy chic, vsco girl and Y2K.

She was called to activism, policy and governance at age 15. Whilst serving in the public sector she was The Structured dialogues ocer for The British Youth Council, then became the Chair of Youth Cabinet

during the Global Pandemic mobilising the voices of over 300,000 youths in Nottinghamshire. The First Gen Z Youth to interview Martin Luther King Jr III on his only trip to Nottingham. She is the last UK Delegate for the Global G(irls) 20 Summit ( Saudi Arabia 2020 ) before they rebranded to Fora: Network for change. During this role, she alongside other Global Ambassadors developed an international communique focused on policy areas such as: future of education, technology, entrepreneurship, future of work and gender equality.

She defines her life mission as re-inventing the future of life for generation beta. Z, has earned recognition by Sifted as a ‘ Top Gen Z Investor in 2021 shaking up VC in Europe ‘. Building and Investing within the intersection of creative industries, tech and venture capital.

She has earned endorsements from notable outlets such as - Vogue, Glam Africa, Guap Magazine, BBC, Telegram, Daily Mail and other leading publications.

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